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Fierce Female: Honorable & #GlobePreneur Pauline Truong

Fierce Female: Honorable & #GlobePreneur Pauline Truong

Honorable Pauline Truong is a global thinker and trailblazer who’s an internationally recognized lawyer, investor and #GlobePreneur. Her achievements and accolades are extensive. Just to name a few honors:

  • Recipient of the Honorable Order for her global contribution, a prestigious honor commissioned to distinguished leaders such as Prime Minister Winston Churchchill, President Bill Clinton, President Ronald Reagan and the first American in space, John Glenn.

  • First Vietnamese Australian to be inducted into the Millennium Global Woman of Honor and a Global Ambassador for United Nations

  • First person of Vietnamese background to be awarded the Justice Lionel Murphy International Postgraduate Award for attending UCLA Law School

When Pauline is not being featured on CNN, Forbes and countless other media outlets, she’s busy changing lives and turning entrepreneurs to “GlobePreneurs”.

I have the pleasure to ask this ultimate boss lady a few things. Here are some inspiring words from this Fierce Female.


You are extremely busy, what are your current top projects or priorities these days?

We are working on a health-related start-up, and creating a pipeline of interesting products and projects. To help sustain our start-ups and lifestyle, we have projects that produce passive income. We are also continually learning and growing whilst helping others become #GlobePreneurs via our @GlobePreneurs and @ShePreneursNet platforms.

Our events, such as those related to international law, tax, start-ups, investments, scaling businesses, migration and start-up stories, experiences, etc. attract 150-200+ people from over 100 countries. We help anyone become a #GlobePreneur, including professional experts, start-up Founders, digital nomads and stay at home parents.

Out of all of these significant projects, which one deserves or takes most of your time? Why are you proud of it?

Our health-related start-up takes up most of our time. It requires intense research, trials and regulatory and other compliance. It is a scientific break-through that will make a difference to the global community. This project is very challenging in many ways. It takes a lot of passion, perseverance and persistence to bring this project to fruition.

I also enjoy helping others build global businesses. We started out helping a selective group of high net worth professionals and experts. Now, we are able to provide our expertise and services to everyone. We believe that anyone can be a #GlobePreneur! Making a difference in people’s lives in a positive and lasting way is very rewarding.

What explains your work ethic and incredible drive?

As an ex-refugee from Vietnam, we left on a harrowing boat journey after the war, in search of a better future. After many uncertain days at sea, we arrived at the refugee camps in Malaysia and built our temporary shelters from scratch. There were no restrooms or proper food and healthcare. We had limited rights and access, until we were accepted as refugees by Australia.

This experience motivated me to study hard and achieve social mobility. Thanks to the USA and Australia, my training in the law, science and entrepreneurship helps me to seek new challenges and try to solve global issues from different perspectives. My strict and disciplined family upbringing, education, and legal training and practice, coupled with my creative side helped me to succeed in many countries and give back to the new homelands.

Simon Sinek once said -- find your Why. What is your Why?

My 'why' is 'to make a difference for others'. As an ex-refugee from Vietnam, we had to start again with very little. It was a challenge, so one of my missions is to help marginalized groups have access to the law and global entrepreneurship to live the life of their dreams. I could not have achieved much without great mentors, professors and sponsors. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring people! Hence, making a difference and giving back to the community is of great importance to my team and family.

What does a day look like for you?

After graduation from Law School, I traveled, attended meetings and events, networked etc. frequently. My life was very intense and on a very tight schedule. My work hours were very demanding - weekends, public holidays and most of the time. This was necessary to build global bases, teams and networks. But I was stressed and burnt out and yearned for balance and quality of life. Then, my priorities changed - I wanted to find zest and joy again!

Frustrated and exhausted, I explored many alternatives for some time. Eventually, I figured out how to work smart, make a difference and enjoy life around the globe. Now, the work hours are reasonable. I can spend quality time with my family and friends, and enjoy traveling worldwide. With a great team, anything is possible.

You have a global business, you must travel often? Is there a country or town that you absolutely enjoy visiting and why?

My travel schedule was quite intense and at one point, I was traveling full-time. Currently, the demand has lessened because my bases and networks have been built and my priorities have changed. 

I enjoy visiting most countries and cities as they are all beautiful and unique in their own ways. It is usually the people and experiences that make each trip special and memorable. I am so blessed to have lived, worked, undertaken business and enjoyed my life to the fullest around the world! Hence, I am very happy to help others achieve their goals and dreams too.

Any key advice for women whom are chasing their dreams of entrepreneurship? Any motivational tips or cautionary tale?

My advice for potential entrepreneurs is to find your niche, work smart, choose well, travel, make a difference and enjoy the journey. Entrepreneurship involves lots of risks, resilience, setbacks and comebacks. Failing fast and forward is essential for success. This all makes the journey so fun and worthwhile.

You are very inspiring. How can our readers connect with you and stay in touch?

Thank you! Please feel free to connect and enjoy life to the fullest around the world with Hon. Pauline Truong on my Website , LinkedIn , Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter!


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