Avoid Acne and "Bacne" From Working Out

With summer and pool season fast approaching, many are even more focused than usual on their bodies and getting them into shape at the gym. While exercise has multiple benefits, very often workouts and great looking skin don't go together.

Travel Essentials For A #Girlboss

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a #girlboss always travel smart and in style. Below are some absolute essentials that will help enhance your trip or make you a more efficient traveler.

8 Times #GOT Hinted That Mindblowing Moment

If you have not seen the explosive #battleofwinterfell episode, you do not want to read on. Spoilers!

If you have and are seeking for answers as to how that WTF moment that no one saw coming came about, continue on. Game of Thrones remains a mastermind when it comes to mesmerizing us with its unexpected plot twists and the “duh, we told you” foreshadowing and full-circle developments.

Indulge and Renew This Spring

The weary winter is briefly behind us and spring promises new beginnings. If you seek self discovery or renewal or simply want to connect with nature while still indulging in fine wine and food, look no further than the peaceful canopy of ancient Redwoods to the emerald meadows of Mendocino on the coast of Northern California. In this unique coastal farm region of the Golden State, you’ll find lush forests, spot frolicking lambs, enjoy colorful flowers, embrace the ocean view, and indulge in local fresh cuisines and wine.

LA Eats: Thai Street Food in Los Angeles

You don’t have to travel to Thailand to experience Thai street food. Rapid urbanization and population growth stimulated the Thai street food culture. Street food was originally a convenient way for blue collar workers to grab a quick lunch or food after work.