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No More Game of Thrones: Addictive Shows To Watch Now

Are you staring at your TV with emptiness on Sundays? Need some addictive drama in your life to replace Game of Thrones? Below are some of my most favorite shows that I'm surprised many people haven't heard of. Luckily, they're all on Netflix. I'd recommend that you do NOT start watching on a work or school night unless you have serious self-discipline. Indulge in these ridiculously addictive shows on your #staycation or chillest weekend.  

The Quotes That Defined Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones has ended its reign with the series finale on Monday. Between 2011 and 2019, the incredible show has earned 314 wins and 505 award nominations. The show is one of the most complex and addictive shows ever been made. Fans obsess over the dense story line, intricate clues, foreshadowing, warnings, wisdom and thought-provoking revelations. Before saying goodbye, let’s revisit some of the most critical moments in the show defined by critical quotes and dialogues.

8 Times #GOT Hinted That Mindblowing Moment

If you have not seen the explosive #battleofwinterfell episode, you do not want to read on. Spoilers!

If you have and are seeking for answers as to how that WTF moment that no one saw coming came about, continue on. Game of Thrones remains a mastermind when it comes to mesmerizing us with its unexpected plot twists and the “duh, we told you” foreshadowing and full-circle developments.