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No More Game of Thrones: Addictive Shows To Watch Now

No More Game of Thrones: Addictive Shows To Watch Now

Are you staring at your TV with emptiness on Sundays? Need some addictive drama in your life to replace Game of Thrones? Below are some of my most favorite shows that I'm surprised many people haven't heard of. Luckily, they're all on Netflix. I'd recommend that you do NOT start watching on a work or school night unless you have serious self-discipline. Indulge in these ridiculously addictive shows on your #staycation or chillest weekend.  


Mindhunter (TV-MA) – A new Netflix drama that focuses on two FBI agents who study and interview serial killers across 1970’s America to see how their mind works, and how to possibly prevent more people becoming the monsters they sit across the table from. The protagonist Holden Ford learns through his interviews that there is a thin line between fascination and inspiration, as he struggles to separate his personal life from his work interviewing charismatic killers. This show is an excellent thriller that lends itself to binge-watching and is going to feel right at home with fans of David Fincher’s films and HBO’s True Detective.


Dark (TV-MA) – A recent Netflix series filmed and set in Germany, this thriller is about mysterious murders that occurred in a small village. The thrilling plot is accompanied by one of the most memorable soundtracks ever recorded with help from musician Ben Frost. How memorable? I choose to sit through the intro every episode! Containing a supernatural spin and filled to the brim with a cast of suspicious characters, Dark is an easy and exciting watch for any fans of Stranger Things.

Fans of dense and complex story lines as enjoyed in Game of Thrones will definitely appreciate Dark’s multi-layered and interconnected plots and subplots. You will want to pay close attention as this German drama peels slowly but effectively. Even better? The second season is scheduled to release in June 2019.

The Five.jpg

The Five (TV-MA) – A British drama from 2016, The Five presents a mystery about a 5-year old boy that went missing 20 years prior, only for his DNA to show up on a crime scene 20 years later. Filled with juicy plot hooks, one can easily burn through the 10 episodes in a night. Fans of CSI and NCIS will be right at home with the crime drama, but fans of British TV such as Sherlock may find their newest addiction here. Very few people have heard of this show but this is definitely for true fans of great crime dramas like Law & Order and The Killing. 


Spartacus (TV-MA) – One of the 21st centuries most action-packed and violent shows, Spartacus remains as visceral and entertaining in 2019 as it did 9 years ago. While Game of Thrones may have taken its spot as the de facto “mature” television of today, Spartacus remains fresh through its lack of formulaic plot devices, and lovable and iconic characters. Well worth checking out to anyone who doesn’t mind buckets of bloodshed! I became a Lucy Lawless fan after watching this unbelievably raw show. The power struggles and love stories remind me of the best Hong Kong drama series but with much more balls and nudity. Pun unintended. Ladies, this show contains the kind of eye-candy that would put Magic Mike to shame. 

Happy Valley.jpg

Happy Valley (TV-MA) – A British police drama that focuses on a police sergeant named Catherine, who finds herself thrust into a wild kidnapping investigation all while having to juggle a multitude of family drama and personal matters. The audience quickly hopes for her success, as she is an incredibly endearing and hardworking character, who often has to pick up the slack of others surrounding her. This show will be an easy transition for any fans of Luther, Sherlock or The Wire.


Better Call Saul (TV-MA) – A spin-off of AMC’s Breaking Bad that focuses on the origin story of the shady but lovable lawyer, Saul Goodman. The show is an addictive character piece of one of the most tragic, quick-witted, and crafty characters in the Breaking Bad universe, and his relationship with his brother. Saul who goes by Jimmy before his “transformation” experiences many rises and falls throughout his adventures of trying to do what's best for him and his brother, though his best is oftentimes illegal. Definitely recommended to fans of Breaking Bad. Even if you have not seen its predecessor, Better Call Saul is among my all-time favorite drama series with complicated relationships, captivating plots, and riveting performances that can hold its own compared to the best drama series in decades. 

Happy watching guys! Feel free to shoot me a message and let me know what you think of the shows.

@YvonLux is a marketing CEO and founder of VANT4GE, LLC who is also a social and beauty influencer, Yvon Lux and @YvonLuxFood. She is also a published blogger and editor for her Apple News channel.

The young female founder has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Modern Luxury Magazine, and various other media outlets. Connect with her on Instagram and subscribe to her channel!

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