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4 Reasons Why Sansa Will Rule The Iron Throne

4 Reasons Why Sansa Will Rule The Iron Throne

The end is near and the theories are rampant. If you have not considered the Lady of Winterfell Sansa Stark, you should read on. #Gameofthrones

Four reasons why Sansa Stark will win the Iron Throne:

1. Tyrion and Sansa were married and can be married again. They are both business-minded people without love interests. Tyrion and Sansa's marriage will be a peaceful merger between the Lannister and Stark houses avoiding political uprisings from the citizens of Westeros. 

2. Sansa is the younger and more beautiful queen as predicted by Maggy the Frog in season five in Cersei Lannister's flashback. Maggy was the fortuneteller who told Little Cersei that she'd married a King and have three children. All of those things have come true. While everyone assume Daenerys fits the bill, I always feel that Daenerys is a conqueror and more like a mythological figure who will play a huge part in world's end or survivor. But the ultimate ruler after the fight against the living and the dead is over, will be someone else. Sansa has been subtly groomed to be the rightful ruler. 

3. Sansa may join forces with Robert Baratheon's bastard son, Gendry, who is a living heir to his deceased father's throne. He's unmarried and is helping John Snow, which means indirectly, the Starks. The chance is high that Gendry will fall in love with Sansa the way his King father has deeply loved Sansa's aunt, Lyanna Stark. If history repeats itself, the two will cross paths and become a couple who will rule the Iron Throne together. They will join the Baratheon and Stark's houses once and for all like their fathers would have wanted. 

4. Sansa displays all the traits of a good leader. She is wise without advisers who need to guard her from herself. Daenyrys needs Tyrion to make level-headed decisions that avoid ruthless consequences. Jon is a fierce warrior and general. But he needs Ser Davos to assist in navigating important political matters and preventing him from making emotionally-charged decisions. 

Sansa is strong without flaunting her strength. She doesn't need dragons to prove that she can survive the worst kind of evil, Joffrey and Ramsay. Sansa was used and manipulated by Petyr Baelish and yet she became wiser and avoided his trickery towards the end. of his life.  Sansa has grown wiser and stronger through her hardships and failures. 

The finale of season seven was a clear indicator that Sansa always know what to do when it matters. She will do the right thing and trust the right people. Sansa trusts her sister, Arya, and places family above all whispers and whisperers. Sansa and Arya finally "trialed" Petyr and exposed him for being the ultimate cause of the conflicts between the Lannisters and the Starks. They avenged their father, mother, aunt, brother, and that's a huge deal within the Game of Thrones storyline. With the Third Eye Raven's ability to see, Brienne's loyalty, and Arya's ability to fight, and Sansa political literacy, she is an ideal ruler of the seven kingdoms. 


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