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8 Times #GOT Hinted That Mindblowing Moment

8 Times #GOT Hinted That Mindblowing Moment

If you have not seen the explosive #battleofwinterfell episode, you do not want to read on. Spoilers!


If you have and are seeking answers as to how that WTF moment that no one saw coming came about, continue on.

Game of Thrones remains a mastermind when it comes to mesmerizing us with its unexpected plot twists and the “duh, we told you” foreshadowing and full-circle developments.

If it’s a complete surprise to you that Arya, a mighty warrior and assassin, became the heroine that brought on the Night King’s ultimate end, you are not the only one. However, as these smart (-ass) Tweeters have pointed out, we should have all seen it coming.

Here are the eight times #GOT has hinted to us.

Jon Snow


The Training


The Red Woman


Brienne of Tarth


The Three-Eyed Raven




Sir Beric


No One


Arya Stark has been training since the first season of Game of Thrones. We finally know why Arya was relentlessly trained now for what seemed to be years. From learning swordplay with the former First Sword of Bravvos and street fighting with The Hound to battling while blind and earning her assassin skills with Jaqen H'ghar aka the Faceless Man.

The battle with the dead is done. Now, the war of the living. Like many, I’m anxiously awaiting the end of Cersei. Speaking of end, I’m still in awe at how the storytellers had remarkably brought Theon’s story to a beautiful circle. Theon Greyjoy, played outstandingly by Alfie Allen, made us hate him, pity him, root for him, and then cry for him. #RIPTheon


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