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LA Eats: Aburiya Raku

LA Eats: Aburiya Raku

One of the best hidden gems in Los Angeles is Aburiya Raku. My obsession with this unforgettable establishment started from their original location in Las Vegas with their two weeks’ waiting list for dinner. The newer West Hollywood restaurant is one of the most welcoming additions to LA for me in recent years.

Oyaji Tofu

Tofu has never tasted so stunning. The refreshingly soft tofu is served with Raku’s signature pickled mustard and slightly spicy mix. The savory and silky appetizer is one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had the pleasure of eaten anywhere.


Sea Bream Sashimi

The sea bream is offered as a whole fish that’s prepared two ways. Half is served sashimi style and the other half is deep fried. After trying both styles, my preferred is definitely sashimi. The fresh taste and texture of the sea bream is wasted when it’s deep fried. I’d recommend asking to have it one way versus two.


Yellowtail Carpaccio

Yes, you’ve had yellowtail carpaccio elsewhere, but you’ve never had them like Raku’s. Their homemade spicy sauce paired with multi-colored citrus chili paste made this common plate anything but common.


Buttered Scallops with Truffles

Fans of truffles and scallops will adore this flavorful, buttery, and ultra rich dish. The sauce was so good you’ll use it to dip everything long after you finish your scallops.


Kobe Beef on Hot Stone

The perfectly marbled Kobe Beef is fantastically served on sizzling hot stones with a splash of fire show tableside. High protein and low carb dieters will thank me for this ridiculously delicious entrée that rivals any of your favorite steaks.


Japanese Sukiyaki with Wagyu

Sukiyaki is a hearty beef and vegetable soup served similar to hot pots, is best saved for last. The melt-in-your-mouth, tender and buttery Wagyu beef is beyond amazing in the rich and flavorful mirin and soy sauce broth. As soon as the beef is cooked (I like them medium-well), you quickly dip it in a small bowl of beaten raw egg. The egg blends extremely well with the piping hot beef soaked in the signature Japanese broth. This entrée is even more amazing during winter nights.


Raku is definitely one of my all time favorite restaurants from east to west coast. One of the most unbelievable dishes you can ever please your taste bud with is their exquisite Foie Gras Custard with duck fat and duck meat. Think foie gras crème brulée but buttery, not creamy.


Unfortunately, since California bans foie gras again, this rich and silky piece of heaven is only available at their Las Vegas location on Spring Mountain near the Strip. If you ever visit sin city, I’d suggest you call them two weeks ahead and make a reservation. Or you can also avoid the crazy walk-in wait by doing a late night dinner after 11:00pm. As always, bon appetit!


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