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LA Eats: Thai Street Food in Los Angeles

LA Eats: Thai Street Food in Los Angeles

You don’t have to travel to Thailand to experience Thai street food. Rapid urbanization and population growth stimulated the Thai street food culture. Street food was originally a convenient way for blue collar workers to grab a quick lunch or food after work.

Night+ Market is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in LA. They have the long lines and wait times to prove this. While they have the usual dishes Thai food enthusiasts can find, they do things differently and offer unique Thai specialties that you cannot easily find at your neighborhood Thai restaurants. Below are the standout dishes you must try.

Pork Toro is charcoaled grilled fatty pig neck that is most definitely better than bacon. When I crave Night + Market, it’s usually because I crave this. The savory and smoky flavor from the charcoal grill is out of this world. When you combine it with the fattiness of the pig’s neck, it’s addicting. IF you can eat one thing on my list (for some weird dieting reasons), order this! This is on the saltier side so it’s meant to be enjoyed with rice.

Moo Sadoong aka Startled Pig is a zesty, spicy, and citrusy dish that will balance your saltier dishes really well. The herbs and citrusy dressing packs a punch when it comes to flavor. One thing to keep in mind, the pork is not the star here. It’s on the tougher side and acts like a supporting actor to the dressing and herbs.

XO Beef is a flavorful stir fry of sliced ribeye steaks and sprouting broccoli (aka Chinese broccoli). The ribeye is tender and is bold in with their house XO sauce. The slightly crunchy broccoli and the fried shallots add amazing texture to this dish. This is to be enjoyed with rice since it’s salty and saucy. This is the most expensive item on their menu at $30. One recommendation I have is I’d ask them to go easy on the fried shallots. I like their XO sauce and enjoy good quality ribeye. The shallots can overwhelm them. But that’s just personal preference.

Pad See Ew is their über popular caramelized noodle stir fry with Chinese broccoli. The fat and flat rice noodle is slightly charred in a wok for a smoky and sweet taste. This dish is heavy in flavor from the sugar and fish sauce. I always get a side of raw bean sprouts on the side to add some crunch and freshness.

Fried Pig’s Tail is an absolute must-try. Don’t let the name turn you away. If you like crispy fried chicken with Thai flavors and a layer of flavorful fat for the ultimate indulgence, then you have to try this. The citrusy garlic fish sauce that comes with the fried pig’s tail makes this dish one of the most exotic and unique dishes in Asian cuisines, not just Thai food.

The Fried Pig’s Tail and XO Beef are only available at their West Hollywood location which is where I prefer to go because this is the only location that allows reservations. If you do not make reservations, be prepared to wait at least an hour or an hour and a half.

Bon Appetit!

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