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4 NYE Makeup Must-Try

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If you're like me, you totally waited till the last minute to plan your New Year's Eve outfit and makeup. While I can't help you with your threads now, thought I'd share my favorite holiday makeup looks that are perfect for you to sway and slay all night with any outfit. 

Fresh Faced

I love this all around pink and nude look. You don't always have to add drama. Sometimes you just gotta be yo-fresh-self! 

Photo credit:  @vxjk  

Photo credit: @vxjk 

Gold Glam

Whether you're chillin' tonight in basic black or glam out in jewel tones, you can't go wrong with gold lids.

Photo credit:  @angiesmayhem

Photo credit: @angiesmayhem

Glitter Gal

I know you've been waiting all year to go glitter cray! From glitzy wet eye shadows to that new glittered lipstick, have fun!

Photo credit:  @vxjk

Photo credit: @vxjk

Drama Queen

Of course my favorite holiday makeup list cannot be complete without the smoldering eyes that flirt all night errryy night. Pair those strong eyes with soft and lightly glossed lips and you'll be a selfie queen.

Photo credit:  Yours truly  - actual selfie at a holiday outing

Photo credit: Yours truly - actual selfie at a holiday outing

That's it! I'm sure you'll look nothing less than amazing with any of these looks. HUGE thanks to my adorable and talented #beautygurus Krystal and Angie for helping me put these together. Happy New Year #baes and #queens!

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