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Get Paid $4,000 a Month to Travel?

Yvon Lux

Are you planning your next getaway? Are you an adventure seeker always with a suitcase ready and a passport full of stamps? Or are you an up-and-coming travel blogger wanting a summer full of stories?


The Icelandic low-cost airline, WOW Air, announced they’re offering an adventurous duo a summer gig of their dream. Applications are open for two best friends who are willing to move to Iceland for three months from June to August and travel to 38 destinations and document their trips on social media.

If hired, applicants will be paid a monthly salary to stay in an apartment in Reykjavik. It will serve as a base while they travel throughout Iceland and across Europe and North America. According to WOW Air’s website, each traveler will receive a salary of 3,300 euros ($4,000) a month in addition to the apartment.


Travelers will be able to choose where they want to visit and their living expenses will be covered while they’re on the road. Based on what the terms and conditions, they’re looking for fun and strong content creators who are able to document the trips by vlogging, blogging, and posting on WOW Air’s social media platforms.


Does this sound like you? Application deadline is May 14 for applicants who are at least 18 years old. You must send in a two minute clip of yourself vlogging and giving tips about your hometown. The winners will be announced on May 18 and your paid adventure will take place from June 1 to August 15. You can visit WOW Air for the complete terms and conditions.

Not you? Share this with the "wanderlusters" in your life. Best of luck to all who apply! 

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