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Deep Web Collection by Bold Austrian Designer and Exhibitionist

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Flora Miranda is an Austrian fashion designer, based in Antwerp/Belgium. Throughout her work she explores physical border experiences that take place in a virtual or actual reality.

Flora Miranda Spring/Summer 2019 ‘Deep Web’ collection is the designer’s visualization of her very own approach to the idea of ‘Machine Learning’ and is dedicated to explaining the process of teaching a machine what clothing is and how it is produced.

Photos courtesy of Flora Miranda

Photos courtesy of Flora Miranda

Inspired by American transgender artist Amanda Lepore’s image, each design of the collection plays with feminine body shape. The dresses generically reproduce the most stereotypical, current image of 'femininity', playing upon the strict categorization a computer implies, and the way computers deal with a fine variety of genders. With Lepore’s unique shape, Flora gives the computer a model to learn with, while teaching it how clothing works.

Flora Miranda has teamed up with the Internet artist Signe Pierce who will perform in front of an informative keynote presentation composed by the Swiss artist Simone  C. Niquille.

Flora spent her formative years growing up in the circle of a family of artists and musicians where she developed her skills as a painter. After finishing her master degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, she executed projects for Iris Van Herpen.

Photos courtesy of Flora Miranda

Photos courtesy of Flora Miranda

Flora’s work is strongly picked up by the art world, leading to several exhibition participations at spaces as Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Liu Haisu Museum Shanghai, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt Berlin and Somersethouse London.


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