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Prevent (Treat) Hair Loss NOW

Prevent (Treat) Hair Loss NOW

About 80 million men and women experience hair loss in the United States. While the hair care industry being an $85 billion industry, there’s still very few solutions offered to improve and reverse the effects of hair loss.

Hair loss isn’t just a men’s thing. Eighty percent of women experience serious hair thinning and loss by the time they reach 50. Some causes include hereditary, childbirth, hormonal changes, and lifestyle conditions. 

While we’re wrapping up August, also known as National Hair Loss month, let's discuss the lifestyle habits that may be causing hair thinning and loss. For hereditary and hormonal effects, it’s important to seek medical advice and assistance. 

There are several lifestyle habits that women can implement to prevent  major hair loss. 


Avoid high heat from things like blow dryers and flat irons when possible . These can damage your hair and dry it out, leading to breakage and hair fall that can make your hair thinner.
You should also limit the number of times you dye your hair, or use less-damaging, more natural dyes. The harsh chemicals in hair dyes can cause damage and breakage.

Don't wash your hair too often, but instead give it at least a one-day break between washes to ensure that your hair's oil keeps its balance. If you have extra oily hair, purchase dry shampoo for upkeeping.
While reducing age-related hair loss and promoting regrowth of existing hair can be difficult without an inside-out, hair-renewing formula, being more gentle with your hair helps reduce the breakage and hair fall that play a role in having thin, dull-looking hair.


SeroVital Hair Regeneres managed to secure exclusive rights in North America to a compound called Chromaviv™ making SeroVital Hair Regeneres completely unique and the only formula on the market that addresses ALL the major issues related to aging hair: graying, hair loss, thinning, breakage, dullness, and reduced volume and fullness. This product works naturally with your body, so you grow hair that is structurally “younger.” The drug-free, melanin-rich supplement delivers bio-functional compounds directly to active hair follicles to significantly reverse graying. When combined with the topical serum, this two-part, inside-out and outside-in approach offers the most potent therapeutic synergy to combat aging hair at the root.

In addition to melanin, Chromaviv contains a highly bioavailable form of keratin. Unlike most keratin supplements, our version is highly bioavailable thanks to new patented extraction technology. This allows your body to process and deliver the keratin right where it’s needed: your hair.
Our Advanced Hair Thickening Serum contains a combination of key ingredients, including a novel biotin-tripeptide, with raspberry ketone and a specialized acetyl-peptide. Together, these form a unique hair-anchoring complex designed to fight graying and make hair look thicker and fuller.

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