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Popular Subscriptions For Men

Popular Subscriptions For Men

Since 2014, subscription service companies have experienced tremendous demand with over 800 percent in growth. This simple and gratifying method of shopping is seeing no end is sight.

Monthly deliveries aren't just for women anymore. Men are jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy scheduled surprises without the hassle of going to hunt for things in brick and mortar stores.

Whether you're one of the guys who would prefer not to go shopping or you have loved ones in your life that would enjoy the convenience of subscription shopping, we're here to help. Below is a breakdown of popular subscription boxes along with our take on their plans and products, and just in time for #grads and #dads!

SprezzaBox  $28/month  (Rating 8/10)

If you are looking to spend very little money on accessories, this may be the subscription for you. SprezzaBox claims to give you products exceeding $100 in total value for only $28/month. You will usually receive five items in each box, which always comes with a tie and a pair of socks. Common accessories shipped include sunglasses, tie bars, pocket squares, grooming products, earbuds, etc. 

Receiving a new pair of socks every month keeps this box from being rated higher, because socks are a bit lame and loud socks are overdone. But where else can you get five accessories for $28?


BirchBox  $10/month  (Rating 7/10)

For men who are looking for ways to improve their grooming game, BirchBox may be your answer. Each month you will receive five sample size grooming products for $10/month. Yes, they’re only sample sizes, but sometimes that is all you need to figure out whether or not you like a product. 

Birchbox require you to create a profile to better understand your grooming habit and curate a box specifically for you. One experienced downside is that they tend to send too many products for your hair and not enough for skincare. Eventually you may get tired of receiving shampoos, conditioners and pomades, which make up 40%-60% of your monthly boxes. Skincare is essential for men and is often overlooked. Hopefully they'll bump up their selection of serums, tonics, and moisturizers to balance out their shipment. 


Trunk Club  $25 Styling Fee + Items You Choose to Keep  (Rating 10/10)

Do you want the luxury of personal stylist who won’t charge an arm and a leg? Trunk Club may be your solution. For a $25 styling fee, which will be credited toward your purchase if you keep anything from the box, you will have a stylist who will select anywhere from 6-10 items just for you. Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company, which means the items you will be receiving are likely going to be better quality. 

With Trunk Club, you create a profile, speak to an online stylist and tell them about yourself. They’ll put together a box, send you an email with the products you will be receiving, and you have the option to approve or reject items from that box before it is mailed. When you receive your box, you keep the products you like and send back the rest. You will be charged according to the items you keep. You also choose the frequency of your styling shipment. That's pretty neat.

If you are someone who has little time or don't care to shop, Trunk Club is highly recommended. It is not the most affordable, but it is the subscription with the best and most convenient model.

Trunk Club.jpg

Menlo House  $60/month (Rating 5/10)

Menlo House is a curator who will send you on average two items per box. The brands you will receive are from New Republic, Five Four Group, and Grand AC. Like most subscription plans, they will give you a style quiz in order to learn more about you. 

The reason Menlo House does not have a higher rating are you only get two items per box and the products shipped sometimes are not of the greatest quality. Receiving a pair of shoes or boots in a $60 box is not a bad deal. However from experience, often the products don't wear well.


Butcher Box- $129+/Box  (Rating 10/10)

Grocery shopping can be a task for many people, especially finding quality meat at a reasonable price. With Butcher Box, your grocery shopping time gets cut in half with the challenge of finding quality meat thrown out the window. 

Butcher box allows you to have meat delivered to your door every 30 or 60 days, and you can choose from the Classic Box (8-11 lbs., 24 servings) at $129, or the Big Box (16-22 lbs., 48 servings) at $238. You can create boxes with options such as grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and hormone-free heritage pork, or Butcher Box can do it for you.

Butcher Box.png

Loot Crate  $12-$50/month (Rating 7/10)

Loot Crate is the perfect surprise gift for any gamer or nerd-and-proud fanatic who loves to show off their passion for pop culture, gaming, movies, or fictional stories. Loot Crate partners with the likes of Marvel, Harry Potter, WWE, Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, and similar companies to indulge subscribers with variety and the most current loot. 

Each box is curated to fit a certain theme and could include items like T-shirts, Pop vinyl figurines, household items, comic books, and other memorabilia. This monthly subscription ranges in price from $12-$50, depending on the box you choose. 


Craft Beer Club  Starting at $42/shipment (Rating 8/10)

With beer being one of the most popular beverages in the world, it only makes sense that there would be a boxed subscription with beer! Over the last decade or so, microbrew beer has become all the rage. Americans everywhere are clamoring to try the best beers from microbreweries across the nation. Thanks to Craft Beer Club, you can. 

In each shipment, you will receive four types of beers and three cans or bottles per each type. You can ask for only cans, bottles, or mix it up. The only downfall with this subscription here is if you only want certain beers in your box; i.e., lagers, saisons, and stouts, you'd have to commit to the subscription plan because customization is not offered with one-time boxes.

Craft Beer.gif

Harry’s Shave Club  Starting at $13/shipment (Rating 9/10)

For the man who shaves and hates FEEDING THE BEAST, that beast being Gillette, Harry’s Shave Club is their beast slayer. Razors have become very pricy, on average razor blades cost about $4 a head, and it is easy to see why shaving has gotten kind of expensive.

After an initial $13 trial, you can choose to continue your subscription with Harry’s. You can buy razor blades at less than $2 a blade, at a frequency that works with your shaving routine. To be honest, Harry’s razor blades are nice, but Gillette makes a better-quality razor. Yet it is hard to argue that Harry’s Shave Club isn’t a great deal, it may not be the sexiest gift to receive, but it’s quite conventional. 



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