Yvon Lux

She defines her life, refines her style, and builds her empire.

Your personal stylist is here to help.

Our long-awaited subscription service is now available and ready to help you style your looks daily and add to your wardrobe monthly with ease. No more shopping drama. You don't have to worry about something running out of your size or color.

Enjoy VIP shopping with a new custom piece every month tailored to your style profile, lifestyle, and social habits. We study the trends yet set the standards. As a subscribed client, you will receive carefully created, current, and classic designs that flatter and fit beautifully. You can choose from our three collections:


Lifestyle Collection


Seasonal items that are great daily or weekend wear. This collection includes classic cocktail dresses, maxi dresses, blouses, and pants. Our lifestyle pieces range from $150 to $250 if purchased individually.


Business Class


Workaholics who don't want to sacrifice style love us. This collection includes work-friendly dress pants, jackets, suits, blouses, and daytime dresses. Our business class pieces range from $260 to $360 if purchased individually.


Lux Collection


Ladies of luxury and socialites will favor this collection. The lux jumpsuits and evening gowns are perfect for clients who have reasons to glam up regularly. Our lux pieces range from $370 to $600 if purchased individually.

Our style subscription service is only available to U.S. clients at this time.